McLuhan First Reading

 Something McLuhan stresses over and over again is how electric technology has affected every way we interact with one another, from television to email to Face-Time, so much so, it forces us to evaluate and reevaluate our lifestyles and how we act.  It also pushes us constantly into the media because it is necessary to our communication and our ability to sustain ourselves.  For example, within one day, I was forced into the media even further than I was before, being asked to create not one, but three blogs for three of my classes, including this one.  If I want to succeed in these classes, I obviously have to comply, therefore, approaching my environment with a changeable view that is not fixed, unlike the one described by McLuhan.   
Our world is changing every day in terms of technology and how it relates to our daily lives. For example, due to being in my junior year here at Miami, for a large majority of my friends, a constant topic is the job market and what to do in the next few years.  A consensus seems to be that the job market has changed and now you not only have to be able to complete a job, but the other skills that go along with it, like using excel, having business skills using technology among other things.  One needs to be proficient in all forms of technology usage in order to even to be able to apply the skill set we are training to utilize in the work force.  I think this is great for our generation, who has grown up needing to be proficient with this technology, however, for people who are trying to change jobs or keep up with the one they have, it creates a large barrier between the old and the new.  Not only that, but our generation is defined by online communication beyond the standard email, and when people in other generations breach that, it is socially bizarre, especially when they are your parents.


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