Presence of Commercialism?

When I read this prompt, I had to catch myself from laughing out loud.  Is media free from commercialism? Absolutely not. How can media be created without the nitty gritty sole purpose it is created, which is to sell something? I wish that media was free from the grasps of commercialism, but if I said that, I would also be saying that I wish that Bachelor Pad wasn’t on every Monday, or that I wish the Olympics did not have a thousand cute commercials to go along with it.Media is created for profit.  So, therefore, it will be created for the purpose of profit. Does that mean that a producer or director does not necessarily have good intentions of creating art? No. I still believe that that concept still exists, however, not as purely as it may have once been.  Maybe I am a cynic, but I do not even think that a director’s vision can come to the screen purely.  To be honest, I do not even think that the director’s vision could be completely untainted! A director will understand the concept of commercialism, and most likely be thinking of that in the process of creating and thinking up his or her vision, therefore, from the get go, is the vision even pure? 


3 thoughts on “Presence of Commercialism?

  1. First off, I'm obsessed with Bachelor Pad as well. Secondly, I agree with your statement, "I still believe that that concept still exists, however, not as purely as it may have once been." I think that our present day form of media is so much different than it once was years and years ago. I think if the movie "Jackass" cam out when media was first being released, audiences would be horrified. Now, audiences worship that series. I'm not saying I'm not a member of that audience, but I'm also not saying that I'm not embarrassed to be a member either.

  2. Yea, it would be great if media was free from commercialism. That way, true honest hard hitting information could be given and free speech would actually mean something again. I say this because with all catering to what people feel or think so that they will buy something stops forms of media from being authentic and penetrating enough to cause any real change.

  3. I very much enjoyed reading your blog post on this topic. For the most part i definitely agree with you and i love how bluntly you speak in your post. I think that at some point, this "vision" was pure, untainted, free of all commercialism, and after this vision is chosen to become a film, right at that moment it becomes inauthentic and tainted, even though this may often be over looked due to the excess of commercialism…also love your bachelor pad reference!

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