media project proposal

I am on YouTube constantly, yet I have had a very difficult time coming up with a final project idea.  While I have had a few of them, none of them seem to be the right fit for me yet. I am hoping that over the weekend, I will either settle on one or find an entirely new idea to go off of. One of my more trivial ideas is to do an assemblage of different people doing the “Single Ladies” dance.  That song, by Beyonce, produced an uproar of YouTube videos from people of all ranges of dance talent, so I thought it would be comical to make an assemblage of them, hoping to keep the dance with the proper lyrics of the song while doing it.  My other thought was to do a media project on Queen Elizabeth II, especially because she celebrated her Jubilee this summer.  I thought it would be fun to put videos up of her throughout the years and create somewhat of a tribute, however, I felt as if I would not find as many to use as I would with the “Single Ladies” idea.  My third idea was to do a Tudors theme, doing an assemblage of all the wives of Henry VIII, either making it dramatic or comical (still can’t decide, obviously), utilizing scenes from the show, “The Tudors,” obviously, because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  I will continue to update this post as I gain more thoughts on my proposal, especially because of how indecisive I currently am.


One thought on “media project proposal

  1. I think the Queen or the Tudors are the strongest ideas here. You might want to peruse youtube for footage of the queen to get a sense of how much stuff is out there. Good job.

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