For starters, I find it so interesting that this film even worked from the start.  The idea being that Morgan Spurlock was going to dissect how companies operated and how they sold things almost seems like unwrapping Christmas presents before Christmas morning. Yet, somehow, he was able to find people who were willing to delve their secrets to how they get their customers to buy their products.
After watching interviews on Morgan Spurlock commenting on the film, he mentions that, “The reality is nothing is sacred anymore, every where you look, things are sponsored by something.  There is barely anything without the brands supervising them.” This is so true, bringing it back to my previous blog about how directors cannot create something completely pure and with their complete and untouched vision.  Spurlock even says, “What I hate is when products start dictating our story.”  This happens every day, and I think that his documentary just hits the tip of this lack of sacredness present in our world, whether it is the films we watch or the soap we buy.
I believe that advertising really is as pervasive as he makes it seem. Companies do everything with a specific motive, and I may be a complete cynic in saying this, but I think that most of the time, the biggest and most important motive is to sell something. 


4 thoughts on “Spurlock

  1. You shouldn't feel like a cynic, though. That's a problem – when people criticize the media and advertising tactics these days, so many people would just immediately say "Oh, you're just being cynical." But really, that isn't being cynical at all, that's just being honest about what's already totally blatant. That stigma has to be eliminated in order for more people to have second thoughts about what they're being shown in the media.

  2. Justine,I agree with you that this pervasive advertising is ridiculous and has been ridiculous for much longer than I have realized. It is sad that almost everything in media today has a motive to sucker us into buying something. My hope is that one day this overly aggressive advertising will collapse on itself. By that I mean that I hope our society eventually just becomes immune to all the in your face come buy this crap. We realize how commercialized everything is and we eventually know to think for ourselves and know what we actually want to buy or what we actually need. That would be sweet.

  3. I absolutely agree with you, I don't think you're a cynic, I think you're being realistic. Big companies want one thing and one thing only, money. And if they are willing to invest money to make money, they deserve to have their products placed in films. Especially the companies in this documentary. This documentary gave the companies the opportunity to show their methods and how they go about advertising to the public, giving them a leg up in the game. Great response!

  4. Isn't selling almost always what everything is about now days? I feel like obviously you create a product and you want it to sell or what would be the point. Companies all have motives, but honestly their main goals are to create, advertise and sell. I don't think you're being cynical at all…you're just being honest. Products truly do dictate our lives in many ways because that is the way our society works!

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