Although I presented several ideas in my first prompt, I ended up coming up with a new idea, which I am planning on running with.  I am going to do kind of an evolution of a family sitcom/family drama, highlighting how television has changed over the year, and yet is still the same, ie the constant usage of a laugh track etc. I would use clips from shows like I Love Lucy, Happy Days, and then obviously newer sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother, and New Girl. 

I, first and foremost, will be a character in my dialogue.  I think it is most important that I am involved in it that way there can be responses both to and from myself with the other people in my dialogue. Also, that way, if my film needs clarifying, I can do so.  

Another person in my dialogue would be one of the sitcom creators, possibly the creator of I Love Lucy, pretending they were still alive of course, and have them comment on that evolution that I exhibit while creating my movie, also commenting on my media itself.  
A final person would be a media critic in general, a person whose job it is to critique media like mine, that way, I get a full range of people. If I wanted to include a fourth person, I would include an actor or actress who maybe has been in sitcoms for a while to comment on their involvement and how it has changed and how my media exhibits that accurately or inaccurately. 

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