The Truman Show

This being my first time watching the Truman Show, I did not know what to expect, especially when I heard the infamous Jim Carrey was the star.  As I watched it, I was surprised at how moved I was by this bizarre film.  While it seems completely ridiculous that this exact scenario could ever happen in real life, it is just scary how easily this could become a reality, especially in this age of technological advancement.  As we discussed in class, everything I do is watched, whether it is online, or in the video cameras in academic buildings or in malls.  Everywhere I go online is recorded.  Everything I purchase. Every password.  Are we really ever alone? Are we really ever going about our lives unwatched? If we put up blocks and password protection and every type of protection, is our information and data ever safe? I think that while this movie exaggerates the problem, it does bring up an accurate dilemma that could take flight.  Actually, it could be happening right now if we think about it.


One thought on “The Truman Show

  1. I definitely agree with your opinion of the film. At first you think something like that could never happen but at the same time it's a lot more realistic than we may realize. I think the basis for this film could easily become a reality in our day and age. There are already so many ridiculous shows being made and more importantly ones people actually watch. It's also becoming so normal for everything we do to be recorded. I think this idea of us ever being really alone is so true. All these social networking sites make it so much easier to be constantly connected. A lot of times I don't even realize how little time I spend alone. Honestly when we sleep is probably one of the only times where we're really alone. It's pretty crazy how normal this seems to all of us.

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