the interest in pinterest

In the past year, the website, “Pinterest” has gained insurmountable interest, especially amongst the females of the western world.  A spin off on StumbleUpon, this procrastination tool provides a person something to waste hours away on.  With a clean, organized lay out, this website provides a way for users to share websites, images, and other links that they like with their followers by creating boards on their Pinterest.  The most commonly pinned things are recipes, blogs, corny images, crafts, places, and clothes.  People have boards such as “places I want to go,” “food” and the occasional delusional “wedding planning” board.  We all have THAT friend.  When you create a Pinterest, all of your posts are completely public.  The thing I have always thought about is whether or not websites like Pinterest actually inhibit or prohibit our creativity.  Why ditz around on your own and try new things if you can just find an idea on Pinterest? If eight hundred of your friends pin this big innovative creative idea, is it creative anymore? Is the hipster in me coming out if I think that pinning on pinterest is not creative, yet the opposite? I think so.  If everyone can see our creative ideas, are they creative anymore?


One thought on “the interest in pinterest

  1. Great point about the creativity of pinterest. I have never used pinterest but I have many females friends who are addicted to it. I have always thought of pinterest as "look at all these great ideas I didn't think of". It's great for finding recipes and outfits though according to my sister. It has it's benefits but I personally don't see the use for it (coming from a guy of course). From a girls perspective it is the best thing since facebook.

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