Going Viral

I have never really understood the power of the social network until yesterday when one of my school projects went viral on accident.  Before I explain this though, there is something any non-skater needs to understand: the figure skating world is as SMALL as it gets.  By this, I mean that when you meet a skater you have never met before, you will have at least five mutual friends from some camp or some show, so much so, thousands of us are very interconnected.

When I created a media project for one of my rhetoric projects, I only posted it on YouTube to show a few friends who had assisted me with the creation of the video. Little did I know, those friends posted it all over Facebook, where a skating blog site picked it up and also started advertising it.  What started as a simple school project became the talk of the skating world with in a few hours.  By the end of the day, I had 750 views, on something I meant for 20 to see, maybe.
From this, I learned a few things.  The internet is so powerful and can quickly sweep you away before you even realize it.  Things you meaninglessly post can become something much bigger than you imagine.  While I was very proud that my video was inspiring and touching so many people, it also was weird that so many people I did not know were suddenly talking about my simple school project.  

One thought on “Going Viral

  1. Congratulations! Isn't it exciting to go viral? Check out the analytics tool on YouTube and see what all you can learn about your audience. It will help with future video releases and creating metadata.

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