Who is the audience?

In this article, New York Times: Super Bowl Commercials Outdated,  the author criticizes the commercials as aiming toward more of a Leave it to Beaver audience, which is very very different from the Modern Family audience that is now watching the Super Bowl.  What confuses me is how these creators of the commercials do not realize just how outdated the methods they were using really are? The audience should be the focus of any advertisement, not just an afterthought. Commercials and advertisements that are created in this fashion completely disregard this new audience. The traditional family setting has changed, therefore, the traditional audience has changed.  Yes, the Super Bowl is a traditional event, but that does not mean that the audience is stuck on reverse.  It is almost insulting that these companies think that we are still stuck back in 1950 and are not wearing goggles disguising the sexist and stereotypical images being presented to us.


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