the happiness campaign

I began looking at the Happiness campaign by Coca-Cola, where they did some guerilla marketing as well as planned videos where they went into different countries with trucks and playing on ideas in the culture in order to show that the product brings happiness to everyone.  However, as I continued to watch all of these examples of colonialism, I realized that while the company was not explicitly lowering other cultures and countries, they were doing it covertly.  The idea is that Coca-Cola makes people happy, everywhere and anywhere.  A truck drives into an are, and pops out not only the soda, but other things, and then all of a sudden everyone is happy and hugging and jovial.  Basically, the ads are telling us that  Coca-Cola will bring people happiness, no matter if they live in a modern country or a third world country. 
This campaign is genius, because not only is it obviously advertising for their product, but they are also giving people that warm fuzzy feeling inside as they watch it. Watching people become happy makes you happy, and then that happiness is associated with Coca-Cola.  They also attempt to show that this is worldwide happiness, by having these commercials in all parts of the world. Here are a few of the worldwide ads.
The Philippines


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