comparing and contrasting reviews of the namesake

After reading these four reviews of the, ”Namesake,” I get the impression that this could be a heart-wrenching saga, in the right context.  While BBC and the NY Times had nothing but praise for this movie, the New Zealand review and the one from the Times of India were a bit more skeptical.  New Zealand’s review was downright negative.  Claiming it was just a bunch of scenes thrown together, the review defined the theme as, ”life is tough for immigrant families,” which is not the theme picked up upon by the other reviews.  When reading this negative review, I tried to imagine why they could be so cynical about a film, that from the other reviews was described as, “inspired.”  However, all of the other countries that reviewed the film had some sort of interaction with the theme, while New Zealand is so separated from it, I feel as if it did not translate well. 
While India gave it a good review, the paper did not necessarily focus so much so on the theme, but of the exhibition of it, i.e. the cinematography and the soundtrack.  They did not find the theme as inspired, probably because it is so close to home that it is not as new.  However, unlike the New Zealand paper, the writer thought that this accurately and proficiently exhibited the message.
I think length has something to say, also, about who had the most value for the movie.  It was an American made movie, so of course the review from the NY Times was the longest, wanting to put the most positive emphasis on this film the country created.  Meanwhile, the BBC review is short but sweet, not going into detail, giving a positive glimpse, but at the same time not showing too much interest. 


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