day 1: me, my cats, and my couch

(I promised myself that in my first post I wouldn’t mention my cats. Whoops.)

I spend my first day of summer at home in one of the most compromising positions I have ever been in: on the couch with a full DVR and my two cats. My name is Justine the human vegetable. My agenda consists of avoiding my agenda, pushing my to-do list and shoving dozens of un-packable boxes to Tuesday’s agenda.

I was quite productive, though, playing ketchup with my intense addictions of Revenge and Mad Men. I also somehow found myself deeply entranced with YouTube for hours, randomly accumulating an instant affinity for the X Factor and Demi Lovato’s new album, especially this song:

Ooh “Saved by the Bell” is on Netflix. Back to being a veg. K great.


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