I have been unable to blog for a day and a half because…


I cannot be the only college student with this problem. I am sorry, but how do people actually gracefully combine two rooms into one? Magic? While I have quite a lot of magic in me, I still have bins on bins, piles on piles, and bags on bags filling every inch of my childhood bedroom.  

After spending hours today throwing ten year old t-shirts and bleach stained khakis into bags, while starting and finishing the first season of Scandal on Netflix, I have yet to make a visible dent in the tornado that is my room.  

Holy SOS.  I refuse to do anything until my living space suddenly becomes livable. This includes anything and everything.

Except of course this blog post. And becoming a minimalist.

Wish me luck as I continue to tackle the Berlin Wall that is my room.  Just call me Ronald Reagan. 


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